To understand whether animals have a soul, you have to have a soul yourself

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Keeping your animals healthy and in peak condition is a top priority, and quality feed will play a major role in achieving this goal. At Arborg Livestock you will find a large variety of top-quality feed for your loved pets.

We all love surprises and treats. The shelves at the grocery store are full of snacks for every taste. As soon as you open a bag of goodies, your favourite wet nose will immediately sniff and run to you. It’s hard to say no to a four-legged friend, but you have to understand that all of our food is suitable for dog food. Foods that might make us feel a little uncomfortable at worst can be very unhealthy for your pet.

There are many dogs treats available today. A separate category of special treats is available for both adult dogs and puppies.

How to Treat your pet

Functional Treats

Sticks, bones, and special edible toothbrushes are used for brushing teeth or long games. They are made of calfskin and starch, are well digested by the body and are not harmful to the health of the animals. Do not give ordinary bones, in pursuit of natural living conditions, it can damage the teeth or gastrointestinal tract – its tubular structure can be seriously damaged, which is very dangerous.

Livestock Feed

The Best Choice Of Treats

Dogs are amazing creatures that delight us with their existence. For every owner, it is very satisfying to see their pet healthy, happy and energetic. Therefore, choosing and buying treats for the dog is as important as the daily diet.

Best Livestock Feed

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