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Running a successful farm or ranch is a lot of work, and the right equipment can make a huge difference. At Arborg Livestock, we help with choices ranging from small equipment, heating and irrigation systems, gates and pens, identification tags and durable clothing (both clothing and footwear). We are dedicated to helping you create an efficient and safe farm or ranch environment.

Many agricultural production processes rely on the use of technical devices and implements. As a result, the efficiency of farming largely depends on the quality of the equipment used. Therefore, manufacturers develop, improve and produce the most popular equipment of this profile, using innovative technologies and materials. Their products are able to satisfy the needs of managers of any sphere of livestock breeding. Thanks to this, the work in this area of agriculture is greatly facilitated, becomes more efficient and comfortable. It is such modern equipment for livestock.

Farm Supplies

Product range

Choose only the best manufacturers who produce high quality, functional, competitive on all parameters of the equipment. It is a huge selection of goods, thanks to which the economic activity becomes much more modern. Equipment options:

  • For caring for young and adult animals;
  • For childbirth and prevention of ketosis;
  • For diagnosis of illnesses and udder care;
  • For artificial insemination of animals;
  • For hoof care, fixation of cattle;
  • To keep the wool and tail of the cow clean;
  • For transporting, ferrying, calming cattle;
  • For cattle farms, milking parlors;
  • For fattening and watering different kinds of cattle.
Farming Supplies

The potential of these types of equipment

Modern cattle breeding, like any other industry, is developing with the mechanization of most technological processes. And such equipment is used on the largest farms and small farms. High-tech equipment for cattle breeding gives the opportunity to increase repeatedly the effectiveness of work, to improve the level of care of wards, to reduce to a minimum any risks to which the service personnel and the animals themselves are exposed. As a result, it will increase the productivity of livestock farming. This equipment is available for different areas of animal housing, including:

  • Milking, which can be optimized with quality milking machines, milk lines, cooling tanks and other milking equipment;
  • Barns, stalls, drinkers, individual and group houses for calves, pens for cattle, cages for cattle housing and transportation;
  • Systems for manure removal, scales for weighing of animals, equipment for disposal of biological waste of different kinds, maintenance of the premises and wards.

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