To understand whether animals have a soul, you have to have a soul yourself

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Cattle breeding is one of the most important branches of agriculture. With the right approach, developing cattle breeding in your farm can provide you with natural milk and meat, and organic fertilizers. In order to fully specialize in cattle breeding special enterprises are created, which work brigades involved in fattening animals

In cattle includes several areas: dairy, dairy-meat, meat and dairy, meat. At the moment, the most rapidly developing meat cattle breeding. Cattle breeding provides high-quality beef production. It is this direction that has earned popularity, as beef is particularly distinguished by its taste and nutritional qualities. In addition, it is the most useful for the human body

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A big role in cattle breeding is played by maintaining and feeding animals. The right ratio allows you to get high-quality products. The main source of food for livestock is pasture. To raise a full-fledged animal, it is necessary to have natural forage land. Of course, you can use imported fodder, but in this case, the case will not bring any profit, the farm will work at a loss

Young calves in the initial development period use the mother cow’s milk as food. In addition, it is necessary to have arable land on which to grow turnips, cereals. These crops will be food for the cattle during the winter. Hay and silage are prepared for the cold period. While preparing fodder, keep in mind that 10-15% of its total volume will spoil

How to Properly Choose a Healthy Pet

Usually, one cow produces one calf a year, but the number is not the most important thing. A calf at the age of one year should weigh about 400-500 kilos. An animal develops normally only when it adds one kilogram every day.

Meat cattle breeding is considered much more profitable than dairy cattle breeding because the former is a low-labor intensive business.